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What's OFFF?

17 years ago, OFFF was born in Barcelona, Spain to join talents, share creativity, and inspire. Today it is the the most esteemed festival focused on creativity and innovation worldwide. OFFF is a series of conferences, workshops, performances, and activities, but most of all it is a meeting point for collaborators and cultural commotion, where creators and emerging talents join to get inspired and share new interests.
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Sit back and relax in the outdoor sculpture garden, watch speakers on a big screen, meet interesting people, create conversations and share experiences and ideas.


OFFF TLV is not only what you see on stage. OFFF Yard is where you can touch it, schmooze with it, and take it home. OFFF Yard vendors are all proudly local creators.


Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is the global center of innovation, maintaining a constant dialog between ingenuity and creativity. Local creators operate in an ever-growing field with blurring boundaries between tech and design, allowing creativity, ambition, skills, and knowledge develop to their highest potential. On the larger scale, there is a thirst for knowledge beyond the local scene, in order to place Israeli designers as global leaders in their fields.

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